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Hunter Jumper Barn Horse Training
Hunter Jumper Barn Horse Training

Sandia Farm has two main barns with 14'x14' stalls

Stalls cleaned 2x per day with shavings added daily

Horses are turned out daily in large, individualized turnouts

Feed 3x per day (quality grass and/or alfalfa hay)

Feeding of daily mixed grain and supplements

Winter blanketing and summer fans

Night checks done by on site employee

3 secured tack rooms

Heated and air conditioned office and bathroom

Automated security gate

Scheduling of veterinary care and farrier (visiting Sandia Farm weekly)

Sandia Farm offers two large arenas, one outdoor, as well as a covered arena, making riding in all weather conditions possible. Our arenas are equipped with state of the art rubber footing that allows for maximum comfort and support for your horse. There is also a lunging area and a round pen available.

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